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As professionals, we are devoted to work one-on-one with students who struggle or desire maximum learning skill enhancement. Our trainers are armed with powerful cognitive skills testing and training tools that can literally transform learning weaknesses into strengths. We partner up with concerned parents, together can produce rapid, lasting, guaranteed results.

Behavioural Optometrist and BrainRx director
Claude Mastromatteo

Claude Mastromatteo started practicing as an Optometrist practice in 1985 in the Sinoville centre, in the north of Pretoria. In 2003 the practice was moved to Milner Street in Waterkloof.

Financial Manager and BrainRx Trainer
Fatima Mastromatteo

As a mother I realised that we needed to assist our son in his academic walk, though our son has a high IQ level it did not always reflect in his academic results. After searching and been on many programmes we came across BrainRx in 2011 and haven’t looked back. I am proud to be associated with a programme that is based on enhances cognitive skills which then in turn creates the best results that we can expect from ourselves. I am also proud to say that our son is now a graduate and his busy with his honours. He has become a well balance individual with a passion for everything he sets his hand to.

BrainRx Trainer and Optical Assistant
Mercia van Deventer

I am an energetic woman who receives energy from working with people of all ages and cultures. My qualifications include a Bed Degree, BrainRX Cognitive Trainer Certificate. “BrainRx is my passion! As a BrainRx trainer I experience first-hand, the huge impact this program has not only on the client’s life, but also the family members. Being fortunate to complete the program myself, it changed my life completely. I am able to focus better, multi-task, remember better and perform under pressure. I will forever be grateful.

BrainRx Trainer
Leo Mastromatteo

I am a 23 year old inspiring individual who looks to excel in all aspects of my life, but that is easier said than done by most people. I struggled a lot in my earlier days at primary and in high school in terms with academics, concentration, motivation and self-confidence. I first did the BrainRx course in 2013 which was my matric year, and I found that it really enhanced my academic results.

BrainRx Trainer
Anna Rodrigues

BA(SS) - from UNISA; BA (play therapy) - from the University of Pretoria I came across BrainRx by chance. When I explored the programme further and saw how it involved cognitive training I became hugely interested on its impact on children and adults. So this robust one-on-one cognitive training programme that betters one’s memory, reading and attention and learning skills is a breathe of fresh air to many children who have undergone a number of programmes and feel they are stuck. Our fast hectic society today is different to the one gone past and so conditions such as ADHD, auditory and visual processing disorder are not uncommon amongst children in particular. BrainRx is here to make that difference in helping the child cope throughout his life BrainRx allows the child or adult, to be smarter, think faster and remember better. I am so excited to be part of this team at Waterkloof, BrainRx.

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