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Can you help my child with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?
In many cases, “Yes!” BrainRx cognitive training gets to the core symptoms to finally defeat many symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Based on neuroscientific research, attention is a cognitive skill set that can be improved and developed. Why do so many treat ADD with accommodations like removing distractions, reducing workload, or isolating students into quiet areas? This is a difficult question. Neuroscience shows that by targeting and stimulating the underactive region of the brain responsible for the characteristics of inattention, attention can be strengthened. Therefore, the correct approach is the opposite of the usual accommodations. Attention develops when a person performs a task requiring attention while exposed to structured, distracting stimuli. Designed intensity and distraction is at the core of BrainRx’s cognitive skills training aimed at improving attention. Our training can literally alter brain structure to strengthen cognitive function. Those with ADD deserve the opportunity to overcome the distractions and limitations this disorder presents—without medication. Appropriate brain training, not accommodation, presents that opportunity.
How does the program promote reading success?
Many students do not bring sufficient cognitive skills to the task of learning to read quickly and efficiently. Even if the reading code (letter sounds and combinations) is taught completely and sequentially, strong cognitive skills must be in place. A student with a severe auditory processing deficiency who cannot concentrate adequately, works too slowly, has poor memory skills, or cannot create good mental images, will complete lessons very slowly or exhibit poor retention. If such a student completes brain training, the stronger cognitive skills that result enable the student to learn rapidly, read faster, and retain more as they read.
Whom can we help?
We can help anyone who wants to learn, read, and think faster and easier. Our training exercises the brain in the same way that a fitness coach works your muscles, and results are similar—more strength to accomplish the task. We love to help anyone looking for an edge: students of all ages facing new challenges, career professionals looking for a competitive advantage, or those simply wanting to keep or refresh their mental edge for a fun, productive life.
Will this help my child?
If your child is looking to enhance learning, maximize potential, and learn faster and easier—then Yes! Today’s innovative BrainRx training system is the outgrowth of 30 years of research and clinical trials. During that time, thousands (over 24,000 in 2009) of students in the United States have recorded dramatic skill gains and improved performance in learning, reading, and math. We are literally #1 in cognitive skill improvement. BrainRx centers now make this training available to international students across the globe.
How is brain training different from tutoring?
Tutoring re-teaches material that should already have been learned but was not. Before investing in tutoring you should ask, “Why didn’t he learn this the first time it was presented?” Unless the answer is obvious (such as missing school for an extended period of time), tutoring will likely be a frustrating and expensive choice. BrainRx is radically different. We answer a different question: “How strong is his or her ability to learn?” Our testing and training strengthens the key underlying mental skills that are essential for easy, fast learning instead of trying to compensate for skill weaknesses. If skills weakness is a root cause of your child’s learning struggle, tutoring simply cannot correct it.
Can BrainRx Make a Difference for Your Child?
The combination of accurate, affordable cognitive skills testing, powerful training programs, and dedicated, one-on-one trainers allow us to answer with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” Cognitive skills weakness is the source of well over 80% of all learning and reading difficulties in the U.S. according to studies by the National Institute of Health. BrainRx cognitive skills testing and training will identify your child’s specific cognitive weakness. Personalised training will be designed to overcome that weakness and turn it into a life-long strength. Your child can experience a learning transformation in 72 hours… guaranteed!
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