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Who can we help? Anyone who wants to
  • Read faster
  • Learn faster
  • Think faster

We can help anyone who wants to learn, read, and think faster and easier. Our training exercises the brain in the same way that a fitness coach works your muscles, and results are similar—more strength to accomplish the task. We love to help anyone looking for an edge: students of all ages facing new challenges, career professionals looking for a competitive advantage, or those simply wanting to keep or refresh their mental edge for a fun, productive life.

BrainRx is a cognitive based programme that most people of different ages, culture, and gender and life seasons will benefit from.  It ranges from school learners who wants to learn at a faster pace or those who find it challenging to stay on track with the curriculum; university/college students who needs to adjust to the work load and complexity; working adults who wants to plan better, multi task more effectively and be focused under pressure even those working towards a promotion.  Adults who are retired and may be starting to forget more than usual or wants that extra edge to take on new challenges will also benefit from this programme.

Age 6 - 106


Struggling Students

People with Autism

Reading problems and Dyslexia

Sports Professionals

Career adults

Senior adults

Cancer patients

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