Is your child showing signs of frustration, avoidance of schoolwork or inattention when learning?
Are you concerned about his/her academic outcomes for 2021?
If you feel like your child is not reaching his/her full potential, weak cognitive skills are likely to be the reason.


Mainstream approaches to ADHD treatment include stimulant medication and/or behaviour therapy that target behaviors linked to inattention.
However, there are certain deficits beyond attention that have been identified in ADHD as the key contributors to so-called inappropriate behaviors.

Moore et al. found that cognitive training addresses these deficits in the following cognitive skills:

  • working memory
  • long term memory
  • processing speed

These cognitive skills are necessary for cognition and intelligence since it contributes to thinking and learning which are the areas parents of children with ADHD are mostly concerned about.

This is why BrainRx focuses on strengthening these skills, thereby identifying and strengthening the root cause of inattention rather than merely taking care of symptoms.
BrainRx uses training methods purely based on research done by the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research.
We can help your child restore his/her confidence and ability to achieve accordingly.
Contact BrainRx Waterkloof today for more information or to book a cognitive skills assessment.