Cognitive skills also referred to as brain skills for information processing are core functions that your brain uses on a day to day basis, in order to perform various different tasks. When these cognitive skills are used together, the brain takes in information and creates into knowledge helping us in our day to day lives at
school and at work.

However, if there is weaknesses in the processing of the cognitive skills, individuals may find it difficult in the following areas; Reading, Learning; Memory; Attention; listening and speaking. The Brain Rx program that we offer focuses on 7 dominant cognitive skills that improve the following areas.

Also described as the memories that the brain has stored for over an extended period of time. This may vary from a memory that occurred 60 minutes ago to an old memory from decades ago.

Also known as working memory, is the process that involves a recall on information that has occurred shortly prior to the learning experience.

The ability to perform a simple or complex cognitive skill in a particular amount of time. Processing speed is one of the core cognitive skills that people need in order to learn academics, day to day activities, logic and reasoning.

The ability to use visual information from what we can see around us in our day to day lives. It is the way our brain perceives, analyses and creates visual images.

This is the ability that the ear and brain use to blend, analyse and segment various different sounds together. Auditory processing occurs from a certain signal leaves the inner and travels along the auditory nerve. Through into the brainstem and then Makes its way into the brain. Auditory processing is the process which the sound travels between the ear and the brain.

Logic is the ability to understand, use critical thinking and recall information, with the information given to the brain. It then constructs ways on how to start doing a particular task, and provides steps on how to complete the task that it was given. Reasoning is the ability to apply knowledge in a meaningful way and to solve problems.

Attention can be described into 3 various ways.

Holding your focus for long periods of time.

The ability to ignore peripheral distractions (any noise and visual distractions).

The ability to multi task, easily switching between tasks, whilst still remembering the initial task.


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